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The knees are a vital part of the legs. They are responsible for bearing the body’s full weight and supporting the other parts like the
Are you experiencing back pain? You’re probably among the 80% of the population in the world who falls under this category.
Your shoulder takes more responsibility than you think or believe. It has a versatile range of motions throughout the day. Some of them you can
Pain in the neck can arise at any time of the day. You can experience stiffness, rigidity and discomfort even while turning your neck the
Everyone suffering from back pain knows that the problem becomes more severe during winter. In other words, the probability of back pain increases as the
The neck is an integral part of our body, comprising of muscles, tissues and spinal bones. Since the neck is exposed, it is at a
Suffering from chronic and persistent back pain can be frustrating. Unlike any other disease, there is no complete cure for the same. Rather, you’ll find
Current scenarios have changed the way people spend their lives. Work and office have taken up 90 percent of space in a person’s life. If
Outer knee pains are common in people irrespective of their age. You might sometimes feel a general ache or a sharp pain while moving the
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