Different Types of Back Pain and their Meanings

Suffering from chronic and persistent back pain can be frustrating. Unlike any other disease, there is no complete cure for the same. Rather, you’ll find obstructions at every point of your life to complete any work. Whether you’re working, exercising or sleeping – back pain is always by your side.

However, to deal with this pain, you need to know more about the different types of back pain. With effective osteopathy treatment, most of the cases of back pain Sussex can be cured. The majority of back pain cases occur in the lower part of the body. To know more, read this blog.

3 types of lower back pain

Pain in the rib cage

The majority of people face the problem of acute back pain in the rib cage region. This is a complex region of the body with many bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Whenever you face pain in this area, it is majorly occurring due to lumbar strain. This gets worse with any physical activity. Sometimes the reason behind lumbar pain is a sudden tearing of the tendon. Physiotherapy is the only option of relief in such a case.

Pain due to nerve irritation

You might start experiencing chronic and persistent lower back pain when any free space forms around the nerves. This might also occur due to bony encroachment or any infection occurring in the nerves. Initially, you will experience a tingling sensation around this area, and gradually the weakness numbs the lower part of the body.

Pain in bones

If you’re facing a congenital condition like Scoliosis, you might face back pain like a stabbing sensation on the bones of the hips and the lower part of the body. In females with age, osteoporosis sets in. During such conditions, the patient will need to be under medication for the rest of their life.

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