How to Protect Your Knees From Quick Damage As You age?

The knees are a vital part of the legs. They are responsible for bearing the body’s full weight and supporting the other parts like the ligaments, muscles, bones and cartilages and help an individual walk. However, with age, knees become weak. The bones in the knees become brittle, and eventually, they cannot support the weight of the body.

Approach professional orthopaedics with knee problems in Sussex if you start facing pain or if you’re unable to walk. However, doctors always advise patients to take good care of their knees to avoid deteriorating with time. If you want to walk freely without the support of a walking stick, then read on and follow these tips to protect your knees from weakening.

Four tips to keep your knees healthy as you age

Keep average body weight

Every time you stand, you’re putting pressure on your knees. Hence, you must maintain an average body weight so that the whole burden of the body doesn’t fall on the knees. Start working out and maintaining a healthy, fat-free diet from an early age. Walk at least 1 hour every day and burn out your calories. Moreover, walking helps to keep the knees in working condition.

Opt for proper shoes

Wearing fashionable heels and shoes might make you look great, but you’re doing irreversible damage to your feet and knees by wearing such shoes. The shoes play a significant role in balancing the pressure and the body weight. Make sure that you wear shoes that provide comfort to your legs. Remember to change your shoes frequently to keep your knees and feet in good condition.

Exercise and build strength

Learn targeted exercises and start practising the same from a very early age. This helps keep the knees flexible and makes the muscles around the knees strong. Thus the muscles and the knees can withstand the weight, stress and body pressure. You can join a local gym or try freehand exercises for this purpose. Water aerobics is a form of non-weight exercise that can help make the muscles flexible.

Consume supplements.

Along with a healthy diet, it is necessary that you also start consuming supplements as you age. With passing years, calcium, vitamin, and iron tend to decrease in the human body. Hence, consult with the doctors and start taking supplements and medicines to ensure a healthy body condition. If you face knee problems or knee injuries, approach Worthing Osteopathic & Wellbeing Clinic and get treated by trained and experienced osteopaths. Check our website for the services that we provide.

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