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Pain and numbness in body parts can happen due to various health issues and physical conditions. These conditions mainly affect your bones, joints and muscles.
Women and bone disease have a strong connection. It is their bone that often gives them pain and makes them suffer a lot. Though there
Chronic back pain can cause a lot of disruption in your everyday lives. Since the lower part of the back does most heavy lifting tasks,
Knee pain is always a complicated issue to deal with. It can occur due to various underlying diseases, heavy physical activities, sprains, strains or lack
There are several reasons for having back pain. No matter whether it is your old injury or a recent ailment that causes extreme pain and
Almost everyone suffers from back, spine and neck pain at least once (or many times) in their lives. Though a majority of the times, the
It can be any part of your body where you can have fungal infections. Along with different types of bacteria, fungi are also present in
One of the primary reasons why insomnia is bad for your health is because it can lead to stress. It is a vital component on
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