Nerve Pain Treatment in Worthing

Are you suffering from any of the


Nerve pain can be really debilitating. Sleeping, work can become difficult and you find yourself fidgeting days and night trying to find a comfortable position.
Nerve pain is frustrating but also worrying; you want to know what’s causing it, and how to help it.
This is why getting advice from an expert will not only reassure you but will help you get better the fastest possible way.


Nerve pain or Neuralgia is the irritation of a nerve resulting in pins and needle, numbness or a burning sensation that can be experienced in your ribs, face, arms, legs, hands and feet.
The irritation of a nerve can be caused by simple inflammation due to structures including bones, disks, bursa and muscles that wrap around the nerve. However, neuralgia can also be caused by a more serious condition. This Is why a thorough case history and examination are carried out by the osteopath. In most cases, the osteopath would proceed to treatment, although there are sometimes when we diagnosis things that need to be checked out further.


With a wide array of techniques that range from soft tissue work to manipulations, the osteopath will aim to create space and decrease inflammation where the nerve is being irritated.
Expert opinion will help you get the right advice on what to do to make it better, but will also give you exercises to prevent another episode reoccurring.


Nerve pain is one of the most common conditions that we see as osteopaths. The most commonly known trapped nerve is the sciatic nerve. We treat this type of pain every day of the week and get great results for our patients.

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