The TBD Clinic

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Nurse Consultant & Independent Prescriber Here

Georgia Tuckey

Georgia is an experienced registered nurse and independent prescriber, specialising in the treating patients with Tick-borne diseases, having received training under Dr Berkowitz and Carsten Nicolaus. Georgia attended a specialist clinic in Germany where she undertook training in laboratory investigations, clinical assessment, development of treatment plans and treatment delivery.  

Georgia’s interests include patient advocacy, collaborative working with patients, clinicians and organisations.

TBD Clinic

The TBD Clinic is a nurse-led clinic – one of the first nurse-led clinics focusing on Tick-borne diseases, owned and run by nurse consultants Georgia Tuckey and Reine Corley.

Our experienced team of nurse consultants are dedicated to offering the highest quality services in treating all tick-borne diseases, including Lyme Disease and co-infections.

Nurse-led clinics are increasing in the UK and have been shown to improve the patient experience and access to timely diagnosis, treatment and care, with the ability to assess, diagnose and make treatment decisions (for example prescribing medications), establish patient-centred treatment and review/monitoring plans.   

The clinic offers both face-to-face and remote online consultations with our nurse consultants.

Our Services

The TBD Clinic provides treatment for those with suspected or diagnosed tick-borne diseases, including Lyme Disease and co-infections. 

We provide clinical assessment and investigations to develop individualised, integrated treatment plans which will support the patient’s own ability to heal and target Lyme disease and specific co-infections, through the use of medications and supplements.

There are a variety of treatments currently available, which can improve the health of those with Tick-borne Diseases.

Presently the TBD clinic offers:

  • Assessment Consultation
  • Medication-protocols and prescriptions, as well as Supplements protocols. These protocols are tailored according to your particular health needs)
  • Consultation for review and monitoring appointments.
  • ECG
  • Blood draw
  • Blood pressure 

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