Hearing Care

The Hearing Care Partnership

At Worthing Osteopathic & Wellbeing Centre, we have years of experience caring for the health of our patients, delivering innovative and transformative services designed to ensure a better quality of life. We have partnered with The Hearing Care Partnership to provide our patients with a comprehensive hearing care service. Through our expert audiologist, we offer a full range of services including:

  • Free full hearing assessments
  • Tinnitus consultations
  • Ear wax removal services
  • Hearing protection
  • Hearing aids

Free Hearing Tests

Under The Hearing Care Partnership, we are offering completely free hearing tests that are performed by our expert audiologist. Hearing tests are a critical tool in detecting hearing loss so that any problems can be addressed as soon as possible. So, whether you need a quick hearing test or a more comprehensive full hearing assessment, we have the expertise and equipment to carry out a fully personalised evaluation of your condition.

We utilise the latest technology to run our diagnostic tests and generate a detailed summary of your hearing. This analysis is crucial to gaining a full understanding of your hearing health and the first step to identifying the best solutions in addressing any problems.

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Hearing Aids

Depending on the outcome of our diagnostic testing, you may be advised by our audiologist to try hearing aids to improve your hearing. We offer a range of state-of-the-art hearing technology that will help in identifying the right style and fit of hearing aid that is best suited to your needs. Our innovative designs utilise the latest technology for your convenience, including custom fit and rechargeable options.

Under our Hearing Care Partnership, we also offer payment plans that will allow you to better afford your hearing aids by breaking down the payments into up to 10 monthly instalments with zero interest charged.

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Ear Wax Removal

We offer professional ear wax removal performed by our hearing care expert. Excessive ear wax build-up can sometimes cause problems like temporary hearing loss, ringing, and irritation. Given the highly sensitive and delicate nature of the ear, it is best to have such ear wax removed by a trained professional.

If our expert determines that ear wax removal is required, we may use one of several techniques for removal, including micro-suction and irrigation. To ensure the best possible results, the technique used will depend on the level of wax build-up and if you have any pre-existing conditions.

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Tinnitus Consultations

If you are experiencing a change in your hearing that presents as a ringing, pulsating, roaring or hissing sound in one or both of your ears, this could be tinnitus. This change can happen gradually or suddenly, causing discomfort and a decline in your quality of life.

Under our Hearing Care Partnership, we offer free consultation services to help in diagnosing and managing this condition. Our expert will create a personalised tinnitus management plan that will seek to reduce the negative impact of the condition and improve your quality of life.

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Hearing Protection

Whether it is from exposure at work, while enjoying hobbies, or just for everyday life, we can help in identifying the best hearing protection solution you need. Our expert audiologist will consult with you so you understand what can damage your hearing and how best to protect it.

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To get in touch with us or book an appointment with our audiologist, feel free to call us or book an appointment online.

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