Neck pain

Are you suffering from any of the


As osteopaths we are trained and experienced in treating neck pain. There are various techniques that we can use, which include soft tissue work (massage techniques), articulations, mobilisations, manipulations, stretches, postural exercises plus many other techniques and exercises. Treatments are tailor made for the individual and to certain extent can be patient led in regards to which techniques can and can’t be used. For example, some patients are reluctant to have a neck manipulation as they view it as a dangerous technique.


In most cases neck manipulation is very safe, but there is a very small risk. The risk is not to do with a broken bone (too many Bruce Lee movies), but to do with a blood vessel in the neck which can cause a stroke. The risk of this varies in reports from 1 in 400,000, to 1 in 5.8 million. In fact recent studies have found that any type of neck treatment can also damage this blood vessel and lead to the same outcome. Injury to this blood vessel can also occur from having your hair washed at the hair dressers. But as osteopaths that do carry out neck manipulation when it’s appropriate, we are trained to look out for the warning signs.

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