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The Perrin Technique

We believe that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome is a physical disorder that leads to a build-up of toxins within the brain and the spine. The Perrin Technique has been developed to diagnose CFS/ ME by identifying definite physical signs and to treat the disorder by improving drainage of these poisons from the central nervous system.

Raymond Perrin’s research at Salford University in conjunction with the University of Manchester has provided strong evidence that an important component of CFS / ME involves a disturbance of lymphatic drainage of the brain and muscles. The osteopathic treatment developed by Raymond Perrin has been statistically validated in both clinical trials, emphasising the need to focus future research on the biomechanical aspects of this disorder.

Further investigation has identified a probable cause of the nervous system being overloaded due to a build-up in toxins in the fluid around the brain and the spinal cord. Some of the poisons caused by infection or inflammation in the head or spine flow through perforations in a bony plate (cribriform plate) just above the nasal sinuses into the lymph ducts of the face and neck. The toxins are also meant to drain down the spinal cord and out into the lymph ducts lying along the spine. In a CFS / ME sufferer these normal drainage points are congested.

ME and CFS treatments with the Perrin Technique

The Perrin technique is an osteopathic approach that manually stimulates the fluid motion around the brain and spinal cord. Manipulation of the spine further aids drainage of these toxins out of the cerebrospinal fluid. Massage of the soft tissues in the head, neck, back and chest (including breast tissue) direct all the toxins out of the lymphatic system and into the blood, where they are eventually detoxified in the liver.

Eventually with no poisons affecting the brain, the sympathetic nervous system begins to function correctly, and providing the patients do not overstrain themselves their symptoms should gradually improve and in time some patients become totally symptom-free.

Patients that are specifically coming to me at Worthing Osteopathic Clinic for treatment using the Perrin Technique should know that the first consultation is 1.5 hours. This is to allow adequate time to take a detailed case history, complete an examination and also to explain in detail what we think the causes are. In the first consultation no treatment is given.

The sympathetic nervous system spreads throughout the entire body affecting every type of tissue, but more importantly receiving messages from all the tissues e.g. skin, muscle, blood vessels, lymph glands and lymphatic vessels. The latter form an important network of small channels carrying lymph, which is a transparent bodily fluid collected from all tissues and eventually return to the blood. The lymphatic system is basically a secondary waste disposal unit within the body which flushes out the waste products of the cells and foreign bodies that are toxic to us. The fluid motility in the lymphatic system is helped by pressure from the blood flow in the surrounding blood vessels, and so the lymphatic tissue will be engorged with fluid if the blood circulation is not working properly.

The sympathetic nerves also have been found to control a pump mechanism with the main drainage of the lymphatic system which becomes disturbed in CFS / ME. The resultant backflow further engorges the lymphatic vessels, especially in the chest and neck.

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