3 Tips To Overcome Back Pain In Winter

Everyone suffering from back pain knows that the problem becomes more severe during winter. In other words, the probability of back pain increases as the weather becomes chilled. There are even a few instances when people experience sudden back pain while shovelling snow in the backyard. Please don’t ignore the pain, as it can become chronic over time. Osteopaths treating back pain in Sussex believe that back pains can recur so you should treat it from its roots.

Few Easy Ways To Overcome Winter Back Pain

  • Start Moving After Short Period Of Rest

If you engage in physical activities regularly, take rest for a few days after you notice signs of back pain. You can carry on with your usual activities after a few days, but you should avoid lifting heavy items which can twist your back. Taking rest does not mean that you have to lie on your bed throughout the day. You should avoid engaging in physical activities which can exaggerate the pain.

  •  Apply The Ice-Heat-Stretch Process

You should apply ice immediately on your back after an injury. It should be done around 2-3 times every day and followed by applying heat. Feel free to use it more often if you feel that the pain has reduced after applying heat. You can also stretch your back around 2-3 times every day.

  • Adjust The Sleeping Position

Our sleep often gets affected due to back pain which can take a toll on our health. If you don’t want to feel irritated and tired throughout the day, adjust your sleeping position. Lack of sleep can even exaggerate your back pain. Side sleepers suffering from back pain can consider sleeping in the fetal position.

These been said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and treating your winter back pain will become easier.

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