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Are you the next Osteopath?

If you’re a new or recent graduate osteopath that wants to help people get the best out of themselves, get the best out of yourself and work with a fun, progressive, focused team, then continue to watch for the next few minutes. This could be your dream role.

I’m Luke Savage, the founder and the CEO of Worthing Osteopathic & Wellbeing Clinic and due to popular demand, we’re growing like crazy, even in the current situation! With our processes, we expect to be fully booked straight away and we’re looking for our next associate osteopath to join our team.

If you’ve got a passion for helping people and helping them reach their goals, you’re fantastic at communication and enjoy working as part of a dynamic team and you’re a lightning fast learner, you might just be the person that we’re looking for.

You’ll be enthusiastic and driven to succeed and motivated to grow and learn new things, as I’m going to expect that from you, just as I expect it from myself and the rest of my stuff. The job comes with high expectations because frankly, that’s what our patients demand and what I, and my current team, demand of ourselves.

So here some questions to ask yourself, to see if you’re fit for our team. Are you super organized? Are you able to bring massive energy to work each and every day? Are you obsessed with getting results for each and every patient? Can you build rapport with just about anyone? If that’s you and you’re still watching this, then you might just be the person that we’re looking for.

So, who is this role for? Or maybe it’s easier to answer who this role is not for if you’re looking for a role that’s just a temporary stepping stone, then this is not the role for you, if you’re not accountable, not coachable and not driven and hardworking, them quite simply, my management style won’t work for you. If you’re looking for something to complement your own side venture and you’re not 100% committed, to working for me, full time, then again, this won’t work out because I’m looking for a team player because I want to invest in you, heavily, for the long term.

So, who is the role for? Well, it’s for someone was great people skills, fantastic communication skills and enjoys working as part of the dynamic team. It’s for someone who is resourceful, and has great attention to detail, with a can-do attitude. You must be coachable; you must be accountable and you must want to get the very best out of yourself and your osteopathic career.

Here’s some more reasons you’re going to work for me. You’ll be getting a fantastic base salary and be financially rewarded as you grow your caseload. You want the opportunity to become more than just a standard team member because you know that you are able to deliver much, much more. You want to learn all about the ins and outs of clinical reasoning and have a diary full of patients that absolutely love you because you’re getting the very best outcomes possible for them.

You’ll go through an amazing on-boarding process, so you have the knowledge and the confidence to deliver exactly what you need to do, each and every single day to meet your targets and your own personal goals. You’ll have access to regular ongoing training and regular weekly catch ups and weekly meetings.

But most of all, working here is fun. There’s no office politics. It’s just a team that loves coming to work, working together and getting the very best outcomes for themselves and their patients.

We have an opening for a full-time permanent position and are looking for our next musculoskeletal osteopath to fill this gap. You’ll be reporting directly to me, the director, as well as working closely with the rest of the clinical and administration team.

We’re based in Worthing, on the South Coast of England, where we cater for patients in the Worthing area as well as the surrounding area. We’re a well-established and progressive practice, known for delivering excellent patient outcomes in a fun and friendly environment. With over 25 years of history, we’re continuing to expand due to a popular following amongst our patients and an excellent community reputation. We’re committed to helping all of our team reach their potential professionally and personally and provide all the support necessary for you to reach your goals in a caring, fun and supportive environment.

We offer an attractive salary with great performance incentives, so you’re rewarded for your hard work. Whether you’re a young energetic practitioner, looking for an inspiring practice to leapfrog years in your learning curve or you a more experienced and want to expand your career opportunities and reach your potential, we would love to meet you. You get a work life freedom; you get accelerated career progression. Double your patient impact. Building your skill set and be a vital team member.

We absolutely love our jobs, so we expect you to be like minded and to fit into our culture. If this sounds like something that you’re interested in, here’s what you need to do next. Fill in your details below. Get your disk personality test done, the link for this could be found below and get your application started. Do it now. Type in your details. Click on the button, fill in the next steps and get your application under way. I really can’t wait to hear from you and help you move forwards in your career. So, what are you waiting for? Click that button now!


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