Understanding the Difference Between Chronic and Acute Neck Pain

Pain in the neck can arise at any time of the day. You can experience stiffness, rigidity and discomfort even while turning your neck the slightest. Neck pain causes lingering problems as the pain travels down your spine due to the wrong movement. So, if you are in a similar battle with your neck, it will likely interfere with daily living.  

It is advisable to consult professionals for neck pain in Sussex for instant relief. The experienced osteopaths in Worthing Osteopathic & Wellbeing Clinic provide advanced solutions for neck treatment. Their techniques are safe, minimally invasive and risk-free. It comprises manipulations, stretches, postural exercises, soft tissue massage etc., which are quite effective.

Neck Pain: Types

Considering all parameters, you can categorise neck pain into two types- acute and chronic. 

  • Acute Neck Pain

This pain has a sudden onset. The pain occurs in response to an apparent injury or an accident. The pain is shooting and sharp in sensation. However, it will not continue to bother you for many months. Acute pain starts after a sudden impact from a car accident, falling, or a collision. It can also happen from incorrect posture while sleeping, waking up with an obnoxious crack in the neck etc. 

Usually, the pain subsides with proper treatment. But if you leave it untreated, it can turn chronic in nature. 


Most episodes of acute neck occur due to ligament sprain or muscle strain. 

It can also happen due to the following reasons –

  • Sleeping with the neck at awkward angles
  • Carrying a heavy shoulder pack or a purse on one side
  • Poor sitting posture while looking at the TV, mobile or laptop screen
  • Sudden impact like from a whiplash

Acute neck pain requires inflammatory healing. You need to take rest to avoid further tension and damage to the body while it is healing. Some go for non-surgical care options like physical therapy, ice or heat massage, spinal manipulation to alleviate pain.

  • Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain is tricky since it arrives slowly with time. It will start with slight annoyance and turn into constant pain and irritation over the next few months. Eventually, you suffer from problems like poor posture, disc degeneration and herniation.    

Chronic neck pain might be related to other underlying medical conditions. It includes cervical osteoarthritis and cervical degenerative disc disease. Chronic neck pain is an extension of acute pain that persists for a long.

If left untreated, it keeps coming and going intermittently. Over time, it will progress into a serious condition.

Get in touch with the medical experts to seek instant relief from neck pain. Visit the clinic and seek immediate consultation.

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