Osteoarthritis Treatment in Worthing

Are you suffering from any of the


Having osteoarthritis can be very distressing. It can stop you from playing with your children or grandchildren or even stop you from enjoying a nice walk along the beach or in the countryside. You might be thinking about getting surgery or maybe you’re even on a waiting list for it, You might be fed up of getting corticosteroid injections and want to try a different method? You might wonder what can we offer you? Then, our osteopaths are there to reassure you and guide you to the best way possible to get the best care possible.


Osteoarthritis is a degenerative process usually caused by years of wear and tear.
The space between joints gradually gets thinner and in the most severe cases can lead to the bone to bone friction.
This can cause severe pain and inflammation. As a result, your body will try to stabilize the joint by creating small bones (osteophytes).

Therefore, if you suffer from osteoarthritis you might suffer from:

  • joint pain that gets worst with activity,
  • swollen joints,
  • cracking and clicking
  • catching feeling

You are more prone to develop osteoarthritis if you are overweight, have had an accident which damages the joints, have done high impact/contact sports or if you are doing a job that requires repetitive movements.


As osteoarthritis is a degenerative process, osteopaths cannot bring your joint back to that of a 21-year old, however, we can help:

  • reducing joint inflammation
  • improving joint movement, working on the soft tissue around the joint.
  • improve the whole-body function, unloading the dysfunctional joint


If you’re in pain, fed up of waiting for an appointment at the GP or with the consultant or have been told that it’s not severe enough yet to have an operation then now’s the time to contact us. We can reduce your pain and can recommend you prehab exercises, which give you a better success rate when you do finally have surgery.

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