3 Health Problems That Occurs Due to Desk Jobs

Current scenarios have changed the way people spend their lives. Work and office have taken up 90 percent of space in a person’s life. If you think spending 10 to 12 hours in front of the computer gives you time to relax, then you’re wrong. According to medical science, most body pain and back pains result from hectic hours of a desk job. Thus, making an ergonomic change can reduce the daily discomfort of the back and neck pains. Some of the problems which the majority of clinics face are complaints of back pain in Sussex.

What problems will you face due to continuous desk jobs?

Lower back pain

When you’re continuously sitting in front of the laptop or desktop, you will experience lower back pain frequently. If you remain seated for a long time, then there’s also a chance of back strain. To avoid consistent back pain, you must use a good seat and maintain a good posture while you are working. Sitting chained to your desk for long hours can make your back pain aggravated.

Neck pain

Although you might move your neck and shoulder all the time while you’re working, however, long hours of sitting in front of the computer can strain your neck and cause high shoulder pain. The majority of the desk job workers complain about neck pain in Sussex. You might face stiffness of the neck and shoulders with passing time. Sometimes the monitor will be far away from the desk, which may cause stiffness of the neck and shoulder.

Eye straining

Staring at the computer for long hours can also be straining for your eyes. This causes eye fatigue for the majority of people. You might develop red-eye issues, and also water may start coming out because of the continuous strains. People also tend to blink less in case they stare at computers for long hours. The dryness in the eye can thus be reduced with the help of medicated eye drops.

Apart from these problems, you might also encounter high wrist pains, hip and joint problems, and body posture positioning if you have a desk job and work for continuous long hours while in the same sitting position. At Worthing Osteopath, we have a certified team of osteopaths and physiotherapists who can relieve you from any back, shoulder, or neck pain at the earliest. We use both structural and cranial osteopathy to treat the different pain positions and conditions of the body.

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