Muscular Pain Treatment in Worthing

Are you suffering from any of the


Aches and pain can become really bothersome when they last for a long period of time.

They stop you from being 100% focused and reduce your ability.

If untreated those aches can become more severe and sometimes result in a more severe injury.

Experts will be able to provide you with reassurance, advises and exercises to get you back on track.


Painful muscles are often the result of overloading them with heavy or uncustomed work, sports injuries or poor posture. Those repetitive traumas will induce chronic inflammation, which itself will induce pain.


In contrast to painkillers, which only mask the problem, the Osteopaths at our clinic can help you to speed up the natural healing time of your injured muscle. That means you will be out of pain faster and your problem is less likely to come back. They also make sure that all the surrounding joints and other structure are working to the best of their ability, further reducing the risk of reoccurrence.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) related pain has a major impact on individuals and society. It is the second most common reason for GP visits and accounts for about 25% of all GP consultations in the UK. It is estimated that 9.3 million working days are lost in the UK to MSK problems, with knee, hip and back pain the most commonly reported. Scientific evidence supports Osteopathy as one of the manual therapies that should be used first in the treatment for MSK related pain.


It is time to act, our musculoskeletal experts will be able to provide you with some answers on why you get those pains but also how to make it better.

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