Shoulder Treatment in Worthing

Are you suffering from any of the

Frozen Shoulder or Adhesive capsulitis

Frozen shoulder can be quite debilitating. It can stop you from doing daily tasks or even getting a good night sleep.

The journey of recovery can be long and you might be wondering where to start….

frozen Shoulder or Adheisive Capsulitis...

A frozen shoulder gives pain and stiffness in your shoulder joint. The level of pain and stiffness varies depending on the stage you are in. There are 3 stages to this condition.

1.  The 1st stage is the freezing stage. Any movement of your shoulder is painful. Your shoulders movement starts to become restricted.

2.  The 2nd stage is the frozen stage. The movement limitation reaches its worst, but your pain starts to diminish.

3. The 3rd stage is the thawing stage. Your pain reduces further or can disappear. Your movement gets back to normal.

Each stage can take from few weeks to few months to resolve.

Why do I get pain?

Although the condition has been already described in the 1930s, it is still poorly understood. Patients suffering from frozen shoulder show changes in the ligaments and capsule around the shoulder. These ligaments, which normally glide freely, start sticking together resulting in restricted and painful movement. But it is still unclear what causes these adhesions to occur and why they disappear after 6-18 months.

The following risk factors have been identified for a frozen shoulder: 

  • If you had a previous condition that have prevented you from moving your arm for few weeks
  • If you are diabetic
  • If you are over 40 years old 

How can we help?

First, many patients diagnosed with the condition get better after a few treatments, so most likely it was not a true frozen shoulder. However, osteopathic treatment also has been proven to reduce the stiffness and pain during all phases of the condition. Gentle oscillation and mobilisation techniques help to improve the circulation around the shoulder. This allows more nutrients to the area and metabolic waste products are removed faster. 

What’s next?

It is time to start feeling better. If you’re sick of the pain, then it’s time to book an appointment with us. Maybe you’ve seen the GP or thought about a steroid injection or even manipulation under anaesthetic but you want to try something less invasive first, then give us a ring.

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