4 Common Causes of Outer Knee Problems in Sussex

Outer knee pains are common in people irrespective of their age. You might sometimes feel a general ache or a sharp pain while moving the legs. There may not be any specific history of injury or diseases that is causing the pain. Effective osteopathy treatment can help you get rid of knee problems in Sussex. Here’s a list of external or lateral knee pain causes that you should not avoid in the long run.

Avoiding outer knee problems can cause serious issues with your knees, and you might face the problem that can limit your normal motion. Read on and know more.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

If you feel muscle tightness, weak knees and a flat foot, these are sure shot symptoms of Iliotibial Band Syndrome. This pain gets worse with time as you run or squat or take to the stairs. In case you face such issues, walk over to professional osteopathy for treatment.

LCL Injury

In case while walking sudden the leg twists or you develop a bruise from an injury, then LCL injury is a common thing. Overstretching and tearing of the lateral ligament is the major cause of this kind of injury. It would be best if you took immediate action for treating the same. Some of the common symptoms of the same are excessive swelling of the outer knees, bending knees, walking up the stairs and instability in the walking posture.

Hamstring Tendinopathy

This is great damage that is done to the knees. If tear or damage occurs in the lateral hamstring of tendons, you will start facing this problem. This disease will cause inflammation and degeneration of the bones. Your outer knees will be very tender to touch, and you’ll experience a lot of pain and stiffness.

Lateral Knee Arthritis

If you experience a dull, consistent and nagging pain in the knees, then probably you’re suffering from lateral knee arthritis. This is majorly caused by wear and tear of the knee. This might be caused due to a lack of calcium ageing and also obesity. Visiting a professional osteopath can cure the same to a large extent as they are experts in treating all types of arthritis; however, with time and age, things start getting worse.

With effective osteopathy treatment from Worthing Osteopathic and Wellbeing Clinic, you can easily get rid of all these problems. We have a team of the best osteopaths who can cure all your knee-related problems. Contact us and get pain free treatment.  

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