Common Bone Problems: What Women Need to Know

Women and bone disease have a strong connection. It is their bone that often gives them pain and makes them suffer a lot. Though there are medicines and surgeries to treat many of these common bone problems like joint pain, knee problems or back pain, in some cases, you need to try something additional to speed up the recovery process.

Physiotherapy, acupuncture, sports massage or Pilates and yoga are some of them. When you are diagnosed with bone ailments by certified orthopaedists in Sussex, he or she might suggest you visit a local physiotherapist or acupuncture specialist or osteopathic clinic for an alternative and supportive treatment for your condition.

Things Every Women Should Know

  1. 80% of the total number of people suffering from bone diseases are women.
  2. Osteoporosis is one of the most common bone issues in women.
  3. A women’s risk of breaking her hip joint is equal to her combined risk of having ovarian and breast cancer.
  4. Women typically have smaller and thinner bones than men.
  5. Estrogen is the women’s hormone that protects their bones. It decreases rapidly when women reach the age of menopause, and it causes bone loss.
  6. Women need to be highly careful while reaching this certain age.
  7. Proper diet and a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risks to a great extent.
  8. There are many online articles and blogs that will suggest to you how to prevent the risk of having osteoporosis after 50.
  9. Good lifestyle habits can work effectively to defeat bone ailments and make them stronger than before.
  10. Your age and ethnic background can have a significant impact on your bone density.
  11. You need to intake an ample amount of calcium and vitamin D to keep your bone structure strong.
  12. Smoking, drinking and certain medications can augment the condition for some women.
  13. Apart from these, other circumstances can work as risk factors for a woman to have osteoporosis, which includes body size and family history.

Remedies for Bone Disease in Women

It is required to visit and consult orthopaedists whenever you start feeling pain and inflammation in any of your joints. Bone disease can cause mild to severe pain, inflammation, immobility and other discomforts. Patients with osteoporosis typically have bone loss gradually over a prolonged period; however, it does not cause pain.

Your doctor will suggest treatments that can include medicines, exercises and therapies like physiotherapy and acupuncture.

At Worthing Osteopath, we offer a range of services which includes podiatry, acupuncture, sports massage, holistic therapies, counselling, psychotherapy, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, beauty therapy, Pilates and yoga.

If you need any of these treatments or therapies, kindly get in touch with us.

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