Everything You Need to Know About Fungal Nails

It can be any part of your body where you can have fungal infections. Along with different types of bacteria, fungi are also present in and on your body. The infection can start when the fungus begins to overgrow.

Nails are one of the most affected areas due to fungal infections. Since the edge of the nails is tough to access, dirt and germ can easily build up at these spots which indulge the overgrowth of fungus gradually. You should talk to the experts for the right treatment of fungal nails in Worthing.

Fungal Nails

The scientific name of fingernails or toenails fungal infection is Onychomycosis, which is also called tinea unguium. This is not an overnight process. Hence, you may not notice the growth of fungal at the initial stage; until it starts causing pain on your nails and make them look unsightly.

Why It Develops

The fungi can overgrow in, on or under the nail of your fingers or toes. When the overgrowth gets to a certain level, you can see the sign of infection. Warm and moist environment cause the rapid growth of fungi. If you live in such an environment or work in such ambience for many hours on a regular basis, then the chances of having fungal infection on or in nails become higher in your case.

Already existing fungi in your body can also cause infections when they get the supportive environment to grow and flourish. Apart from these, if you go to some nail salon and have pedicure and manicure using the same tools without disinfecting them after the previous use, then also you can get such infection.

What is the Treatment

You should go to a dermatologist or an osteopath for the treatment of fungal nails. They can offer you complete treatment for your fungal nails using the modern tools and the best techniques.

At Worthing Osteopath, we offer complete care of your fungal nails along with heel pain, ingrown toenails, and pain in the ball of the foot and ankle.

Get complete information about our services by giving us a call.

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