Know The Common Causes Of Back Pain Before Treating It

Almost everyone suffers from back, spine and neck pain at least once (or many times) in their lives. Though a majority of the times, the pain can be treated with a bit of exercise and rest, some of them might require medical attention. The latter generally occurs if the back pain is a symptom of other hidden medical conditions. Instead of trying home remedies, visit a renowned osteopath if you experience back pain frequently.  A certified osteopath will assess the medical condition and let you know what caused it.

3 Common Causes Of Back Pain

1. Pulled Muscle or Tendon

People often end up hurting their back when lifting heavy boxes or heavy objects. A sore back can also occur if you sleep in an awkward position for a long time. All these can strain the muscles and tendons in your back. You might experience tightness or spasms in the back if the pain was caused due to a pulled muscle or ligament.

2. Inflammation

Though inflammation is a natural immune response of our body, it can cause back pain, heat and discomfort. They generally occur due to a disease or injury. You might experience chronic soreness in your back or spine if you let the inflammation linger. Visit an osteopath if you want to treat back pain in Sussex caused due to inflammation.

3. Arthritis

Not everyone is aware of the fact that millions of adults all over the world suffer from pain caused due to arthritis. It is a chronic inflammation affecting joints in our body, including our back. Arthritis pain generally causes swelling and stiffness.

Since you are now aware of the common causes of back pain, visit an Osteopath in Worthing and treat the issue.

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