Acute Back Pain at Worthing Osteopathic & Wellbeing Clinic

Acute Back Pain at Worthing Osteopathic & Wellbeing Clinic

At Worthing Osteopathic & Wellbeing Clinic, we are committed to providing expert care for acute back pain, offering a comprehensive approach to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Acute back pain is characterized by a sudden onset of discomfort in the back, typically resulting from a specific incident or injury. This type of pain is sharp and can be quite intense, signalling that something is amiss in your body.

What Causes Acute Back Pain?

Acute back pain can arise from various causes, often related to muscle strains, ligament sprains, or other soft tissue injuries. These injuries can result from activities or events such as:

  • Lifting Heavy Objects Incorrectly: Improper lifting techniques can strain the back muscles and ligaments.
  • Abrupt Movements: Sudden, jerky movements can lead to muscle or ligament injuries.
  • Falls or Accidents: Traumatic events can cause significant back injuries.
  • Sports Injuries: High-impact sports or activities can strain the back.
  • Poor Posture: Prolonged poor posture can weaken back muscles and lead to pain.

At Worthing Osteopathic & Wellbeing Clinic, we conduct thorough assessments to determine the specific cause of your acute back pain, ensuring a tailored and effective treatment plan.

Symptoms and Sensations

Acute back pain manifests through various symptoms and sensations, including:

  • Stabbing or Shooting Pain: Sharp, intense pain that can be quite alarming.
  • Deep Muscle Ache: Persistent ache affecting deeper tissues of the back.
  • Limited Range of Motion: Difficulty moving your back freely and comfortably.
  • Muscle Spasms: Involuntary contractions of the back muscles, often painful.
  • Radiating Pain: Pain that may extend to the buttocks or thigh, usually not below the knee.
  • Increased Pain with Movement: Certain activities and movements can exacerbate the pain.


Acute back pain is typically short-term, lasting from a few days to a few weeks. It usually resolves on its own with self-care, and there is no residual loss of function. However, being mindful of activities and maintaining proper posture can aid in a quicker recovery. At Worthing Osteopathic & Wellbeing Clinic, we provide guidance on effective self-care strategies to support your recovery and prevent recurrence.

Treatment at Worthing Osteopathic & Wellbeing Clinic

Our clinic offers a variety of treatments for acute back pain, focusing on relieving pain, promoting healing, and preventing future episodes. Our treatment options include:

  • Osteopathic Manipulation: Our skilled osteopaths use hands-on techniques to improve spinal alignment, reduce nerve compression, and enhance overall function.
  • Massage Therapy: Targeted massage to reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, and promote relaxation.
  • Physical Therapy: Customized exercises and stretches designed to strengthen the muscles supporting your back and increase flexibility.
  • Pain Management: Safe pain relief options, including over-the-counter medications and natural remedies.
  • Lifestyle and Ergonomic Advice: Guidance on posture, activities, and ergonomic adjustments to prevent further injury and promote long-term back health.
  • Rehabilitation Programs: Tailored rehabilitation programs to restore function and mobility after acute back pain.

When to See a Medical Professional

While acute back pain often resolves with self-care, it is important to seek medical attention if:

  • The pain is severe and not improving with rest.
  • You experience numbness or tingling in your limbs.
  • There is weakness in your legs.
  • The pain follows a serious injury or accident.
  • The pain is accompanied by other symptoms like fever.

At Worthing Osteopathic & Wellbeing Clinic, our experienced practitioners provide comprehensive assessments and can refer you to other specialists if needed, ensuring you receive the best possible care.

Comprehensive Care at Worthing Osteopathic & Wellbeing Clinic

Our clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for acute back pain. Our holistic approach not only focuses on relieving your immediate pain but also addresses the underlying causes and prevents future occurrences. We work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your unique needs and helps you achieve optimal wellbeing.

For a more detailed exploration of acute back pain, its causes, symptoms, and management strategies, please download for our leaflet or contact us on 01903 366260 to schedule a consultation at Worthing Osteopathic & Wellbeing Clinic. Our team is here to help you on your path to recovery and long-term health.


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